the inspiration

What inspires me?  How do I get ideas and designs for my creations? An idea for a shoe is like an inspiration.  Designs materialize in my mind and I imagine new styles and the materials needed. How does one get this kind of inspiration? Why do I have sometimes such crazy inspirations? I cannot give you a complete answer, all I know is that when the inspiration feels right, it's a kind of euphoria and my pulse raises and I cannot wait to create the next design.


People are also inspirations.  Surrounded by many people I can free my mind and do not need to focus on a particular thing.  I can fully develop  my creativity in this chaos of people from different countries and cultures, different clothes styles, their movements, and I imagine where  they could be heading.  I use all these impressions and put them together in a way that just comes to my mind.  From the classic grandma who  buys an ice cream for her grandson to the hard rocker who is just getting the same ice cream, I put all kinds of puzzle pieces together to get unusual combinations.  This is how my brain makes my shoes.


I use social media such as Instagram to record the things that inspired me to remind me of them later.  I also want to share what is going on in my mind with others. Maybe you even have the same inspiration as me. Find out and follow me in my world!!